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Demais, the anesthetising cocktail at OMBU, restaurant in Palma


Amongst the ambitious menu at OMBU, restaurant in Palma, you will find a great gastronomic offering deep rooted in contemporary tapas, a fusion of flavors from around the globe, all united by a modern and creative cocktail list. Amongst the cocktails on our new restaurant menu, there is one which stands out for its exoticism and peculiarity. Named Demais, the Brazilian gem of our menu. In this article we will be explaining what’s in it. Do you dare try it?


A complete explosion of flavours at our restaurant in Palma

Demais means “too much” in Portuguese. This reoccurring expression is the perfect word to describe a cocktail inspired by this South American country and that is made up of an excess of sensations that will even surprise the most experienced cocktail connoisseurs. This Brazilian drink is made up of specific and idiosyncratic ingredients such as cachaça which is infused with Brazilian coffee, lime, mango, and acidic syrup called falernum, alongside ginger, clove, alcohol, passion fruit foam and Szechuan button flower powder, an exotic flower with sensory powers. A combination which takes the diner on a journey as well as providing your taste buds with a completely new experience of flavours.


The anesthetising powers of the Szechuan button flower

Without a doubt, those who try it say that one aspect stands out most which has no relation to the flavour: the Demais has an anesthetising and electrifying effect on the tongue. This phenomenon is due to the Szechuan button flower powder which is used in the cocktails recipe. Many have renamed it as the “electric flower”. This flower was used hundreds of years ago as an oral anaesthetic in the rural areas of Brasil as a way to combat tooth ache. OMBU, restaurant in Palma, has incorporated this ingredient as a sensorial extra so that the diner enjoy an authentic odyssey with each sip. The anesthetising effect gives the tongue an electrifying sensation which is due to the acidic tones of the falernum and citrus of the lime and the mango. All blended with alcohol, Brazilian coffee and passion fruit.


Dare yourself to try the cocktails at our restaurant in Palma

This new offering at OMBU, restaurant in Palma, follows our journey to support the modernisation of gastronomy and the construction of a tapas and contemporary cocktail menu in Palma. If you would like to discover the Demais and be carried away by its flavours and after effects, don’t hesitate any longer and reserve your table at our restaurant in Palma. Are you ready for it?


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