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Our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca in Look Mallorca


The lifestyle magazine Look Mallorca is a complete luxury amongst the most cosmopolitan readers on the island. With three editions a year, it offers locals and visitors their perspective about this small corner of the Mediterranean and gives advice on the glamorous and tasteful activities which you can do on it. Its comments on the gastronomy and high class cuisine of this area have made this magazine one of the leading figures in the promotion of local Balearic cuisine. Which is why it is such great news to announce that Look Mallorca has dedicated an article to our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca. Would you like to know what they have said about us? We will be giving you a detailed account in this blog article.


Words from Look Mallorca, the lifestyle magazine

OMBU Restaurant is a global concept, combining different flavours from around the world with a selection of modern and innovative cocktails, in an exciting culinary journey”, that’s how the Look Mallorca article begins, in which in one paragraph it describes to perfection the philosophy of our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca. Mentioning our privileged location in the centre of the capital, the lifestyle magazine emphasised “OMBU gives diners the chance to travel around the world with their senses with their innovative gastronomical offer”. “Serving creative tapas, guests can experiment with a multi-sensorial experience with every dish that they try”, they conclude.


Our creative tapas in Palma de Mallorca

The article continues to explain that our creative tapas in Palma are made and designed to be enjoyed in small bites in order to savour the intensity of the creations. “They also have an extensive offering of tempting cocktails, perfect to accompany delicious cuisine in Mallorca.”, they add. In the text the origins of our flavours are discussed, inspired by “a daring mix of Asian, Indian and southern European food, where their tapas combines a fusion of different textures and flavours”. Look Mallorca takes the time to highlight some of the dishes which they believe shine most on our menu: “Amongst the creations worth highlighting on our new menu, you will find foie gras French toast made with brioche. Equally as impressive is their beef cheeks with Japanese and Cuban flavours. This creation is made with a ramen stock base and cooked yucca with Cuban mojo, intensified by a grated crispy nori garnish.”


The interior and surrounding of our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca

As well as our gastronomy, the magazine also mentions our interior designed by Pedro Scatarella, from the design studio Dissenyados Arquitectura, “they wanted to incorporate the outdoor surroundings into the restaurant into its interior decor, with the implementation of a captivating tree”. It also talks about the location “situated in Plaza de la Reina, next to the iconic Paseo del Borne, surrounded by a wealth of shops and stores in the heart of the city”. Look Mallorca concludes their article by adding [“being located in the Old Town of Palma, the eatery is full of charming features which are brought to life in extremely intimate surroundings”].


Reserve your table at our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca

At OMBU, our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca, we want to thank Look Mallorca for all of the kind words which they have written about us and our establishment, and to remind all of you that you can try our creative tapas by reserving your table at our restaurant online. We will be waiting for you in the heart of the capital!


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