Amazing actress Juliette Brinoche visited our restaurant in Palma | OMBU

The amazing actress Juliette Brinoche visited our restaurant in Palma


At OMBU we take pride in our menu, we believe in using a vast array of fresh ingredients that not only look stunning but taste great too. We had a very special guest come to try our delicious food: French actress Juliette Binoche! It was a complete pleasure to have the fantastic actress visit our restaurant in Palma.


Juliette Brinoche: a truly exceptional actress

The Parisian actress is not only famous on screen but also on stage, she has manifold talents such as playing the violin which she learnt to play specifically for a role. She has appeared in more than 60 feature films and has received a prestigious Oscar for her talents. The stunning actress has also been named the highest paid French actress in history.

She has always stayed loyal to her French roots, turning down several high end roles within Hollywood and supported lower budget projects. When Juliette is not busy acting and being the face of Lancome she enjoys painting, writing books and working on her own movie projects.


Not only tapas for the famous but famous tapas in Palma

Why not indulge yourself and dine like a celebrity and try our delicious tapas, available right in the heart of Palma, in a modern and welcoming environment. We have everything from group menus to a private dining room to ensure that your experience at OMBU is simply the best. Tapas is a fantastic sharing experience in which you can catch up with friends and enjoy good food.

We also have an ample wine list and cocktail menu so that your tapas be accompanied by the perfect drink. If you’re not too sure what you would like from the menu, our mixologists can make you a personalised cocktail so that you can have things just the way you like it. At our restaurant in Palma we think everyone is a very important person and that’s just how we treat every single one of our guests.

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