Visit the prettiest districts of Palma near to our restaurant OMBU

Visit the prettiest districts near to our restaurant in Palma


Palma has a very special charm about it. Today, we want you to dive in with us to a route through the prettiest districts of the city.

At OMBU restaurant we want you to enjoy yourself to the maximum with the charms that the city has to offer, that is why we want to show you everything you need to know about these beautiful locations. Near to your restaurant in Palma you will find the hidden corners of Palma filled with character and beauty.


El Borne

Over the last few years it has converted itself in one of the most visited streets in Palma. Shops such as Hugo Boss, Carolina Herrera, Louis Vuitton and Cartier have converted it into the luxury row of the city. A marvellous atmosphere where you can have a walk whilst being surrounded by trees, fashion and a good environment.


Santa Catalina

If we are talking about charming districts we can’t miss out the trendy district: Santa Catalina. The most charming thing about this district without a doubt is the Santa Catalina market. A very worthy place to visit to enjoy the freshest local products and endless list of delights.


Dalt Murada and Calatrava

This area unites some of the most impressive buildings of Palma. You can gaze at the sea from what used to be the old wall of the cathedral. La Seu is surrounded by the Calatrava district. Both areas offer magnificent gardens, churches, picturesque narrow streets to lose yourself in and admire the architecture of the old city.


La Lonja where our restaurant in Palma is located

A charming district where you can share evenings under the moonlight and enjoy the glisten of the Mediterranean. Without a doubt, it is one of the prettiest districts in the city.

As its name indicates, the main attraction of this district is La Lonja (the old sea trade market). It is a gothic style building designed by Guillem Sagrera. It was constructed between 1420 and 1452 and has over the years remained untouched.

La Lonja has played important roles in the history of Spain such as for example in the commercial routes of the Crown of Aragón.

Take a walk through the narrow streets of this district and finish off with a marvellous dinner at OMBU, it is the perfect option for you.




Enjoy the best tapas in Palma

After exploring the prettiest districts in the city, what you most will want is to eat well and enjoy good company. At OMBU we stand out for having delicious tapas from the most basic such as bread with tomato to some of the most elaborate and creative ones such as the oxtail stuffed croissant with Sherry mayonnaise.

If you want to discover our gastronomic offer don’t hesitate to take a look at our extensive menu of tapas in Palma.


End the night at your restaurant in Palma

Palma is full of charm and history that can be appreciated in every corner of the city. You will love a visit to these authentic districts. There is nothing better than finishing off a marvellous stroll in the OMBU restaurant in Palma you don’t even need to think about it, come and enjoy the experience!

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