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Ombu: the best choice for a tapa in Palma


Do you feel like having an aperitif, a cocktail, a dessert or a few tapas in Palma? Ombu offers you the best choice to do so right in the heart of the city.  We see gastronomy as one of the pleasures of life so if you visit us, you will find the ideal place to share, discover, try new flavours and, above all, have a pleasant time. That is our particular concept: gastronomy means enjoying all the flavours of life.


Ombu: the concept of our tapas restaurant

Ombu is the name of the over a hundred year old tree situated in the Plaza de la Reina. According to hearsay, it was created to protect travellers on their journeys; perhaps thisis why in Mallorca it is also called Bellaombra (Beautiful Shadow).

Our concept is the same: we aspire to be a peaceful and shady corner for you to stop for a while, relax, enjoy yourself and then continue on your journey. Like the tree, we are also in the Plaza de la Reina!


Our selection of tapas in Palma

In Ombu we have an extensive selection of tapas for you to take a break and have a pleasant time with good food and in great company. We can offer you not only traditional bread with tomato and Iberian chorizo but also the most innovative, enticing and different tapas such as foie yoghourt with brioche and sweet wine, squid croquettes or creamy rice with Iberian ham and asparagus, among many others.

Sounds interesting, right? If you want to see all the rest, don’t hesitate to take a look at the extensive list of tapas in Ombu.




The Sweet Life: try one of our desserts

On the other hand, if you fancy something to sweeten your moments of leisure, Ombu can offer you a wide range of desserts.  For example: cheesecake, passion fruit pastries, orange crème brulee, chocolate foam with ginger cream… If your mouth is watering just reading these names, what do you think about coming to try them?. You can see everything on offer in the Ombu desserts.


Have an aperitif while you contemplate the Plaza de la Reina

We love the fact that having an aperitif is back in fashion because,  apart from offering this great cocktail, we also offer the fantastic setting of the Plaza de la Reina to have it in.  A stunning combination indeed and above all if you come in great company!


Have a look at our menus for groups

If you like the idea of having tapas in Palma with all your friends, bear in mind that we have menus for groups at your disposal.  We have two types of menus for you to share a wide range of tapas and desserts all accompanied by excellent wines, such as Ribera del Duero and Albariño.

To have a look at the range of tapas, desserts and wine that you can choose from, consult our menus for groups.




Have a good time with your friends with some tapas in Palma

Now you know, for your tapas, desserts, aperitifs and cocktails, the tapas restaurant Ombu awaits you and your friends in the Plaza de la Reina. If you want to book for today or for the next few days you can call (0034) 971 214 387.

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