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Jump in! Our restaurant in Palma encourages you to jump in to the world of water sports


Winter is once again coming to an end, and the warmer temperatures and spring weather invite you to take part in outdoor sports. At OMBU restaurant we don’t just want you to enjoy the best tapas in Palma, we also want you to make the most out of the city and its surroundings. Mallorca is a pilgrimage destination for water sports lovers, and you don’t have to go far from the capital to try your hand at them.. Which will you like best?



From the dawn of time, the Mediterranean has always had a close relationship with sailing. Maybe this is why windsurfing will never go out of fashion in Mallorca. A board, a sail, strength and the skill to ride the wind – these are the only tools you need to really be able to enjoy this sport.





Kitesurfing originated in Indonesia and although it is relatively new in Mallorca, it seems likely to stick around for good. The classic windsurf sail is replaced by a sophisticated kite and this makes it a much more complex and spectacular sport. The so-called “aires de l’embat”, the midday sea-breeze, is the perfect fuel for lovers of this sport, who enjoy it at some of the island’s most spacious beaches, such as the bays of Palma, Pollensa or Alcudia.


Stand Up Paddle Surfing

Another type of surfing which has become popular over recent years is stand-up paddle surfing. It is more relaxed and suitable for people of all ages and abilities, but it is still highly beneficial for the core abdominals. No waves are needed, all you need in order to move is a paddle. This relaxed and fun sport is an ideal way to explore the coast and features many variants such as racing or yoga on a paddle board.

There are various different places near Palma where you can learn to surf or enjoy one of its variants and rent all the equipment you will need. These include Club de Surf la Mosca in Ciudad Jardín, Bona Ona and El Niño Surf Center in Can Pastilla.


Waterskiing and Wakeboarding

One of the few things Mallorca is lacking is mountains which are high enough to feature ski slopes. We do however have enough sea around us to be able to practice the maritime equivalent of two winter sports. Waterskiing and wakeboarding have been adapted from traditional skiing and snowboarding, so that they can be enjoyed on the sea. Speed, usually provided by the slopes, is here provided by a speedboat pulling you on. Waterskiing and wakeboarding require balance, strength and coordination. The El Spot Wakeboard School at Palma Nova beach is a great place to begin learning either of these sports.



The newest sport on our list is like a vision from the future as we had always imagined it – it is literally flying on a platform which is powered by water pressure. Thanks to a mechanism which connects the flyboard to a jet-ski via a hose, it is possible to fly a few metres upwards, dive and do somersaults in the air. This sport was created in 2012. It was first practiced in Doha and was soon added to the sports available on our island. If you would like to try flyboarding, Flyboard Mallorca offers you the chance to do so in Cala Nova port.



Diving is an activity which allows you to discover a whole new world: the depths of the sea-bed – a world which can be enjoyed either by snorkelling or scuba-diving. The underwater world of the Mallorcan coast is teeming with life. Hidden bays, wild areas, sandy banks, fields of posidonia seaweed.. Mallorca has various different sceneries to offer divers. West Coast Divers Mallorca, Aventura IB or Isurus are just some of the centres which organise day-trips and offer beginners options so you can enjoy diving in Palma and the surrounding area.




Deep-water soloing

This sport was created in Mallorca and is not a pure watersport, even though the sea is a very significant part of it. Deep-water soloing is a type of solo rock climbing created by Mallorcan Miquel Riera at the tail-end of the 70s. It consists of scaling rock faces and cliffs which are suspended over the sea. It is also known as psicobloc and psico refers to the psychological effort entailed in climbing without a rope, knowing that you could fall at any moment – and in this case, into the water. Mallorca is famous for having been the birthplace of this thrilling sport and there are various routes along the coast which are specially indicated for its practise. The dock at Porto Pi, along Palma bay is one of the traditional places at which climbers initiate themselves into the world of deep-water soloing.


Work up an appetite with some watersports and then come and enjoy a meal at our restaurant in Palma

Whichever sport you choose to try, enjoy a meal at our restaurant in Palma OMBU at the end of your day and savour an exquisite selection of creative tapas. Afterall, knowing how to relax is just as important as exercise when it comes to living a truly healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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