If you’re talking about tapas in Palma then you’re talking about OMBU | OMBU Restaurant

If you’re talking about tapas in Palma then you’re talking about OMBU

Tapas have become a symbol of identity within Spanish culture and OMBU has become an icon of tapas in Palma. The pleasant climate which can be found all year round on the island has ensured that this habit be deep rooted within the local population.

To go for tapas, or as it is known here, “tapear”, is a very traditional element of Spanish gastronomy. It was born from the habits which exist in many Spanish areas of going out to eat a snack, which was always accompanied by a wine or beer, and later on head to another establishment to try more. Its origins holds many theories, they were sure that it was the king Alfonso XII who kick-started it all, who had been prescribed to take sips of wine due to his illness, he decided to accompany the wine with something to eat to stop the effects of the alcohol. Once at full health, he announced that all bars could not serve wine without a small accompanying snack. The traditional practice of snacking on cold meats and going from bar to bar has lost its influence due to the increase in high quality tapas, as they are ideal for dinner or to try something different which allows you to savour different gastronomic elements whilst being surrounded by family and friends.


Palma is a fusion of history and gastronomy

You can go and enjoy a tapa at any time of the day and on any day of the week, although the more popular times are during the afternoon and on the weekends. To try tapas in Palma you can get around el Born, Santa Catalina or La Lonja, there is no better way to get to know the city than by enjoying an afternoon of tapas and fusing history and gastronomy. If you are visiting the city, you cannot miss a visit to the Cathedral of Mallorca, also known as La Seu. Construction began in the 14th century and it is one of the tallest gothic structures in Europe. Interestingly, in the 20th century Antonio Gaudí was commisoned to carry out a project to renovate the space and in 2007, Miquel Barceló designed a ceramic mural for the chapel of San Pedro. The only thing that could improve a visit to La Seu would be to enjoy something at OMBU, located in the plaza de la reina, a passing point right by the Paseo del Born which gives access to the cathedral. To not miss out on a single detail of this fantastic city you can find out more on “Visit the prettiest districts near to our restaurant in Palma“, where you will find iconic elements from the most important districts.

If there was something which characterised Palma it would be that the city is constantly changing, even the historic monuments! Now that summer is approaching and so is the good weather, is there anything better than to get lost in its streets and discover new flavours on its terraces?



Savour the best tapas in Palma

If you want to enjoy the pleasure of eating tapas to the maximum, at the restaurant OMBU in Palma we have a great variety of creative tapas that are isnpired by cuisines from every corner of the world. Our tapas are deeprooted in a global concept that guides dinners through a culinary journey in which the five senses are awakened. Also, you will disocver that cocktails are the perfect acompaniment to tapas, and they dont get any better than the ones our OMBU team prepares.

At our restaurant we have a private dining room for 12 people and a menu for groups, this way, you can share the experience with whoever you like and with complete privacy. If you would like more information about our products, we would like to invite you to take a look at our tapas menu in Palma, you won’t be sorry!

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