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Discover the veggie movement with our tapas in Palma

The veggie movement is growing rapidly amongst the Spanish. To understand the context, did you know that in the last year 35% of the population has decided to lower their red meat consumption? If you want to discover the veggie movement, the main hurdles you might face and the vegetarian tapas that we prepare at OMBU, then this article is for you.


Vegetarians, flexitarians and vegans

We have noticed that there is a general lack of understanding of what these terms mean, if you don’t know the difference, don’t worry, because we will explain it to you. Vegetarianism is a type of diet based around plant products and consuming products which are secondary products of animals such as dairy, eggs or honey. Instead of meat and fish alternatives are eaten such as pulses or tofu. On the other hand, flexitarians are people who are semi-vegetarians, that is to say, they consume animals products now and then. This group of people is also known as part time vegetarians. And lastly, veganism is known as the diet which is solely based around plants, with no meat products at all.



The veggie movement in Spain

Many are surprised when they hear this statistic: 7.8% of the population that live in Spain and that are over the age of 18 are veggies, that is to say, that they stick to one of the three diets which we have shown you. The statistic has risen amongst women and one in every 10 is a veggie. Interestingly, a common factor amongst vegetarians is that they tend to live in cities with a population of more than 100,000 people. It’s commonly thought that these diets are more popular with young people, and in some aspects it’s true, but there is a high percentage in all age ranges, it’s not just a millennial phenomenon.


OMBU: Vegetarian and vegan tapas

Studies show that the Spanish hospitality market is not set up to meet the demands of these types of consumers. Eating out, given the lack of choices in most establishments, has become a restriction for this group, and it’s even worse for vegans. At OMBU we are aware of the situation and we wanted to help out, by offering a great number of vegetarian and vegan tapas in Palma.


Surprise yourself with our vegetarian menu at OMBU

We have used this article as an opportunity to show people that vegetarian food isn’t always flavourless and the same. At OMBU, your tapas restaurant in Palma, we have noticed first hand that there are more and more people interested in our vegetarian menu, it’s not unusual! Within it you will find delights such as the fake vegetable couscous and mustard sauce, minted peas with soy butter, a vegetable muffin with a fennel mayonnaise… We have named only a few dishes, delve in to our menu to discover them all!


Vegetarian tapas in Palma that’s filled with flavour

We hope that by reading this article we have helped you to understand a little more about this progressively growing phenomenon across the world. To conclude, if you are a veggie or if you fancy one of our delicious tapas which we have mentioned, reserve a table at your tapas restaurant in Palma.


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