Our restaurant in Palma presents Rosa Blanca | OMBU

Taste the Hoppy Lager from Rosa Blanca with our restaurant in Palma


Our restaurant in Palma will be carrying out something big alongside the well- known beer brand Rosa Blanca, revived by Damm this year, with the end goal of bringing together the gastronomic excellence of our tapas menu and a historic drinks list.

That’s why this week, as of this Thursday (15th) until Sunday the 25th of November, we will hosting a promotion in which you get two tapas and a Rosa Blanca beer for 5 euros. For one of our dishes we will be serving a delicious smoked horse mackerel with crunchy rice, mentaiko and a kizami wasabi. The other dish will be the classic OMBU bravas potatoes with a sobrasada foam and a charcoal aioli. Those interested in tasting our offer of tapas and the classic beer with Mallorcan roots can head to social media and share their experiences with the campaign’s hashtag #detapesambrosablanca.

Rosa Blanca is a local beer which began back in 1927. When it started, it brewed different types of beer such as Pilsen, Munich and the Bock Balear. With the tourism boom its production came to a halt and this year Damm has re-established it and put it back on the market. Discover, alongside OMBU, Hoppy Lager!


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