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Restaurant in Palma de Mallorca: Incognit Room and group menus


The inside of our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca has hidden within it gastronomic secrets that will transport you to a world of clandestine pleasures. At the start of 2019, we told you about our interior, and you will know that by heading to the upper level of our establishment you will find a big door which you can only glimpse through via a small window. At OMBU we want to tell you more about Incognit, the most exclusive space in our restaurant in the old town of Palma, and what options it offers. Would you like to know more? We will be giving you all the details in this blog article.


An exclusive space designed for you and your guests

The ground floor of our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca, designed by Pedro Scattarella, guides our group diners who want to enjoy a special meal or evening until they reach our top floor. There you will find a metallic door with a rusted finish, old and colossal in appearance which draws in all those who stand before it. Once open, it leads the way to the Incognit Room, an exclusive room filled with gold and luxury with an elongated table which accommodates 10 people. Ceramic plates are carefully arranged on top of the glass to not distract from what special material lies beneath: gold leaf.


Incognit’s interior design: the sophisticated element of our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca

The interior design of this room can only be described as majestic. Its leather chairs ensure that the entire group be comfortable. The walls are adorned with gold tiles and paintings, giving the space complete exclusivity. In the background, you will see a small balcony which directly overlooks the Plaza de la Reina, next to the Paseo del Borne, an unbeatable location for a restaurant in the old town of Palma.


Group menus at our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca

This carefully put together and special space is designed to be enjoyed by groups. Which is why on this elegantly elongated table our group menu dishes reign, where you can share the best tapas with complete privacy and with no additional cost for doing it in Incognit. We have two options for groups to share tapas. In them you will find delights such as our Ombu Bravas with sobrasada foam and charcoal aioli, our burrata cheese, mixed tomatoes, basil and honey oil, a delicious steak tartar with truffle, foie gras and Jerez mayonnaise or our Mallorcan-style squid croquettes with kafir lime and lemongrass mayonnaise, as well as our incredible desserts like our fried Mallorcan Ensaimada with crema Catalana, our biscuit mousse with snickers ice cream and freeze dried fruit or our Golden egg.


Reserve your group dinner in Mallorca

If you would like to enjoy the best gastronomy in the old town of Palma with your fellow diners, don’t hesitate to reserve your date and time for your group dinner on our online reservations section and start planning your special evening. We will be waiting for you with open arms following a grand reopening!

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