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Menú Plus, the new menu for groups at our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca

Sharing is living. And when it’s delicious, it’s even better. At our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca we understand that gastronomy is to be enjoyed in the company of others. The simple act of being able to exchange flavour and texture sensations of the dishes at OMBU, only multiplies the quality of the experience. Which is why we have extended our group menus with Menú Plus, a selection of our tapas with the best local and national wines. Would you like to know what dishes will make your group lunch or dinner a complete success? We will be telling you all about it in this article.


The best tapas to get the evening started for your group dinner in Palma de Mallorca

There’s no better way to get things started than with tapas to share, like our bread with tomato, a staple on Spanish dinner tables and Iberian cured ham, the iconic meat product which will captivate even the most refined palates. Continuing on with some of our lighter tapas to start whetting our appetites, we have dishes like our burrata cheese, a symphony of tomatoes and a basil and honey oil, an octopus carpaccio with a Thai foam or an incredible tuna tataki with Ponzu sauce. And that’s not all…there so much more to go!


The best creative tapas at our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca

Our slightly more robust tapas are perfect to be shared, as the luxury of trying so many different dishes at once makes the experience even more enriching. As the king of intensity, in the middle of the table we present a steak tartar with truffle, foie and Jerez mayonnaise as well as our Mallorcan squid croquettes with kafir lime mayonnaise and lemongrass. And as we head towards the final stretch, we meet some delicious meats, a pork lasagne with a coconut bechamel, Korean tomato powder, basil and Sisho, our Black Angus entrecote, truffle Parmantier, fried aubergine and pepper emulsion, a delicious tandoori lamb cannelloni, coriander pesto and apricot puree and finally our grilled marinated secret of pork, vegetable chutney and Kumquat coulis. Are you ready to savour the best local gastronomy? OMBU can offer you all this and more.


The Menú Plus desserts

Without dessert you can’t have a perfect evening. Which is why on our Menú Plus we also include two magnificent desserts: Biscuit mousse, snickers ice cream and freeze-dried fruit and our Thai mango soup with coconut ice cream. Two incredibly indulgent desserts to perfectly end the meal.


The best wines from Mallorca and La Rioja, at our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca

What makes the Menú Plus stand out more than the other group menus at our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca is its wine pairings. On this occasion we have the best of local and national wines, which add a touch of complete luxury for you and your diners. Regarding the wines, you can savour two varieties, two Mallorcan and two from La Rioja: J. L. Ferrer Veritas Barrica and Moll and Chardonnay to represent the island; and Leston Reserva y Tempranillo (D.O.c.a. Rioja) from one of Spain’s most famous autonomous communities for wine production.


Reserve your table at our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca

If you would like to enjoy the best gastronomy in the old town of Palma, don’t hesitate to request your group dinner reservation on our online reservation section and guarantee your special evening. We will be waiting for you with open arms and with a great selection of tapas at OMBU!


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