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Discover La Seu and the best tapas in Palma


At your restaurant in Palma we want to propose a route through the old town of the city. You will find marvellous cobbled narrow streets, shops with charm and restaurants with local delights which are waiting for you at OMBU. In this area, can be found the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca, popularly known as “La Seu”. It is one of the most famous buildings of the Balearics and is the main touristic attraction in Mallorca. Whether you’re visiting or a resident, it’s always a good time to take a visit and get to know the most emblematic building of Mallorca.

As we have already mentioned, La Seu is the main attraction for visitors to the island, that is why, we propose a cultural route so that you visit La Seu and enjoy a walk through la Lonja before arriving at OMBU, your restaurant in Palma.


La Seu: history and events

La Seu has been the most recognisable building of the city since the 14th century. It has a set of incredible rose tinted windows, they are one of the most incredible in the world of its kind and are considered as the main gothic eye of the world.

There are two set days of the year, the 2nd of February and the 11th of November, which is when the inside of the cathedral produces a light spectacle. At 8:30 in the morning, the sunlight enters through the rose window placing itself under the face of the main rose window. This way, a figure of eight is created which is a complete spectacle for the sight.

If you fancy living the spectacle of the figure 8 on one of these set days, reserve at your restaurant in PalmaYou could enjoy a morning of strolling through the marvellous streets of Palma and eating at your restaurant OMBU.


Stroll through la Lonja and enjoy our delicious tapas in Palma

Our restaurant in Palma is found in La Lonja. A fabulous district that gets its name from the building constructed by Guillem Sagrera between 1420 and 1452 which remains intact.

La Lonja has the best nightlife in the city. Strolling through its narrow streets and ending the night with a marvellous dinner at OMBU is the ideal option for you.

You could enjoy the best tapas in Palma, from tuna tatki with ponzu sauce to broken eggs with fois gras and ham. If you come with family or friends, there is a special menu for you. The menu for groups has two menu options to choose from, which are made up of tapas, desserts and wine to share. Live the OMBU experience, sharing is living.




Incognito room, your private room at OMBU

If your thing is going incognito we have the perfect option. We have a private room with a capacity of up to 10 people. You could celebrate a special event with your loved ones or just have a get together.

After a day of cultural visits, dinner will be the best moment to remember the anecdotes of the day in a more private space.

Reserve the private room ahead of time to ensure that you can enjoy an incredible evening.


End the night at your restaurant in Palma

At OMBU you will find the best tapas in Palma, delicious desserts and unbeatable cocktails. End the night with one of our creations. Enjoy a creative and original cocktail which will transport you with its colours and flavours.

Don’t hesitate any longer and reserve in our restaurant in Palma, share the gastronomic experience with who you wish to most.

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