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Taste the best tapas in Palma during the TaPalma festival


This year, from the 15th until the 19th of November, the 13th edition of the tapas and cocktails festival, TaPalma will be celebrated. This time around we have some new elements added to the competition, for the first time, it will take place two days prior to the festival, so it will be celebrated on Monday the 13th. The establishments that participate in the TaPalma routes can compete in this competition by differentiating themselves into three categories: TaPalma 2017, cocktail TaPalma 2017 and “Theme tapas” which in this edition the main star will be the popular Quely biscuits. A judging panel formed by chefs, barman, journalists and bloggers of the world of gastronomy will decide who will take the gold, silver and bronze awards. On the same day a gastronomic fair is held, the Escola d’Hoteleria de les Illes Balears (EHIB).


TaPalma is, literally, the fusion of tapas and Palma

In recent years the ‘tapeo’ culture has become a vital part of the Palmesanian lifestyle. Every Tuesday you can enjoy a version of the TaPalma, smaller but still good, given that quite a  few bars in the centre of the city offer tapas and ‘pinchos’ with a half pint of beer or with a glass of wine at a very economical price. During the five days of the TaPalma there will be a total of 9 routes, there has never been this many before, from 50 to 60 traders that are located in the centre of Palma and its surroundings take part, including the areas of Génova and Marratxí. The best known routes are sure to be the Mercat 1930, where all of the stands participate, and the route of Centro-Lonja, in which you will find our restaurant OMBU which will serve you as always some of the best tapas in Palma.


Tapas in Palma is more than just eating

Getting together with friends, taking a stroll and enjoying a magnificent city, eating well, spending hours and hours chatting and laughing is what defines a tapas route in Palma. The ‘tapeo’ is something that we as Spanish people carry within, and it isn’t shocking given that tapas have formed part of our gastronomic culture in Spain for centuries. And who would give them up? Having tapas with friends is a plan where everyone is going to enjoy themselves because everyone can choose what they fancy and more, and you can repeat, share, recommend; it is definitely the food that creates the most social interaction. And you can choose between staying alone in a bar or taking a walk through the various spots whilst enjoying the charms of the precious capital of Mallorca.




Enjoy the best tapas in Palma whenever you want

If you want to enjoy the best cocktails and tapas in Palma the whole year round, there is nothing better than spending an exceptional evening at the OMBU restaurant. Our creative offerings of tapas and cocktails are based in a global concept that fuses flavours from the furthest corners of the world, transporting diners on a culinary journey through all of their senses. And so that your tapas route in Palma be even more enjoyable, we have a private room with a capacity of up to 12 people and specially created group menus. This way you can enjoy however much you want with as many people as you want, because at OMBU, your restaurant in Palma, we know that happiness is always increased when shared.

That is why you can’t hesitate in passing by the TaPalma festival or reserving now your table at our restaurant in Palma, to discover and sample the most creative tapas of the island.

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